On October 22nd, 2020, Delphos Laboratory's Mine Engineering student Luis Navea passed his title exam, defending his memoirs titled "Short Term Planning and Simulation in Open Pit Mines Optimizing Multiple Objectives: A Case study." The examining commission consisted of reply.qasecexub.xyz Fabián Manríquez, water.gopisivine.xyz Enrique Jélvez and https://xoqaganimo.bar/nide-znakomstvo-v.php Rodrigo Peroni.



His job was to evaluate the adherence of the production programs generated with DOPSA (Delphos Open Pit Shovel Allocator). Adhesion is a concept that allows quantifying how reproducible a production plan is. To develop his work, Luis generated different production programs to optimize the objectives of a mining operation presented on a short-term horizon. Subsequently, these plans were simulated using the DSim OP (Delphos Simulator) software, which allows estimating the actual production of these. The methodology used for planning and simulation allowed to propose improvements in the optimization model used by DOPSA and the information required for the generation of the programs to obtain production programs that meet the short-term objectives set and allow a high adherence.



Production plans are a tool that serves as a commitment in terms of production, so it is currently essential to have plans that allow generating the best business alternative through an optimal allocation of the resources of a mining operation and at the same time have the minimum deviations of production between what was obtained by the operation and what is indicated by the plan.

Congratulations to the new Civil Mining Engineer!