José Pablo Espinoza, since May of the present year, is the new member of the Delphos Laboratory. A native of San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, José studied Civil Engineering in Mining at the San Joaquin Campus, Federico Santa María Technical University. He carried out his work titled "Simulation of the production level of a Panel Caving mine by incorporating a dynamic confinement system for semi-autonomous LHD", a joint work with AMTC’s Automation Group at the University of Chile. His areas of interest are discrete event simulation, process optimization, data analysis, and the application of predictive models in mining.

José participates in two ongoing initiatives: a mining project with Chuqui Subte that uses the DSIM UG software, and a research project (FONDEF) on an integrated phenomenological model of leaching in sulphide piles, led by Dr. Humberto Estay at the AMTC.

Regarding his motivation to join the Delphos team, José comments: "to contribute to research projects that can develop technology" made in Chile" in pursuit of a more efficient and aware industry with its environment, as well as to help our country to continue growing as an exporter of knowledge and technology in mining". Finally, he highlights that "one of the main motivations is the high quality of the Delphos work team and the AMTC, in general, which has professionals from different areas of engineering with PhD, which will be of great benefit for my professional career".

As Delphos Laboratory, we wish José a lot of success in this stage of his life.