Delphos will be present at APCOM 2015. This conference will be held in May 2015, at Fairbanks, Alaska. The papers to be presented are:

  • Maximiliano Alarcón, Xavier Emery and Nelson Morales, "Using simulation to assess the trade-off between value and reliability in open pit planning".
  • Nelson Morales, Enrique Jélvez, Pierre Nancel-Penard, Alexandre Marinho and Octávio Guimarães, "A Comparison of Conventional and Direct Block Scheduling Methods for Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling".
  • Nelson Morales, Alejandra Gómez and Javier Vallejos, "Multi-criteria optimization for scheduling of a bench and fill mine".
  • Cecilia Julio, Jorge Amaya, Amina Lamghari and Nelson Morales, "Optimal Economic Envelope of Joint Open-Pit and Underground Mines".